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I had met Gretchin back in college. A very eager and hardworking person who never had a hard time coping up with things. Her passion towards her studies as well as to grow her career led her to do marvelous results back in school as evidenced by the output and results she has delivered for projects and even her grades. Side along, we've come across again as she was working on a project for our company years after and the same passion towards what she does have garnered a lot of feedback and dependency towards her even for such a relatively short stint in the industry at that time.
Jasper Jugan
Senior Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft Philippines
Gretchin is a highly competent, detail oriented UI developer who I hired at Lastminute.com. Her work was always of good quality and she made a great effort to become part of the team despite working remotely from my other developers (she was based in Singapore). Gretchin was a pleasure to work with; friendly, competent, a pleasure to manage and with a great personality. I'd recommend her to anyone seeking a competent frontend developer.
Steve Evans
Owner of Artemis.bm and ReinsuranceNe.ws
I have worked with Gretch for many years, as her manager in the global UI team, and can wholeheartedly recommend her for any role she applies for: she was a pure pleasure to work with. Her attitude is always positive and her influence on the team is the same too. She always gave good energy into the team and our work. On a professional level, Gretch was one of the two senior developers in the team and was technically very proficient. She was more than capable to handle all of the difficult answers when the other senior dev was on leave. I would definitely work with Gretch again if I ever had the opportunity. Gretch is gold!
Tielman de Villiers
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft UK

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