GEEQ BLOG #1  – Migrate the website in new server and email on the existing server without downtime

I thought of so many complicated ways to solve this request. I’ve read tons of articles and contact different web hosting provider to ensure no downtime solution. It is not as complicated as I thought it would be. The solution is as simple as 1, 2. 3.


Currently, the email and website share the same hosting, however now the requirement is to point the website to the new web server (Siteground) and the email needs to stay on in the old server (Godaddy). The domain is purchase in Godaddy.

    • Go to Cpanel and edit your the Zone editor of the domain.
    • Edit the A record file (www ONLY) and enter your NEW HOSTING IP address as value. You can find your web hosting IP address from your Cpanel details (NEW HOSTING) or contact your hosting provider.
  • NEW HOSTING: (only if necessary)
    • change your primary domain

Viola! After the cache is clear, your new website will appear without any email interruption. Now your back to business as usual mode.

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