GEEQ BLOG #3 When migration still fails

You are reading this blog because you followed my GEEQ BLOG #2 Migrate your WordPress Website from one Server to another and migration still fail. As I’ve mentioned earlier, due to my trial and error experience I have a list of learning with regards to migrating your WordPress website and hopefully will end to your migration nightmare (like I had before)

Here are My Migration Learning Checklist:

#1 Keep the back up your files

  • Not because you’ve uploaded and uncompressed your files to the new server you will delete the backup. Oh-uh! You’ll be in trouble. It’s always advisable to back up your files from time to time. You’ll never know when your website might experience issue, therefore backup is a KEY to safety.

#1 Change the database siteURL (NEW HOSTING)

  • It might sound crazy but perhaps your new website is still pointing to your staging URL.  You can change this in myPhpAdmin siteURL database entry

#2 Cookie issue and can’t login to NEW wp-admin

  • I remember the days and nights trying to figure out how to solve this issue. It keeps prompting that your cookie has issue or disabled blah blah. How I’ve solved this issue is disabled the lines that are pertaining to cookies in the wp-config.php file. You can temporarily disabled it especially if you are using w3c cache plugin.

#3 Remove add-on domain from the OLD HOSTING and add it to the NEW HOSTING

  • If this domain is not your primary domain in your old or new hosting, removing your domain from your Add-ON domain (OLD HOSTING) and adding it to your NEW HOSTING will save the day.

#4 Can’t login from your previous/old WordPress Website Admin Page

  • If you are using Cloudflare, temporarily disabled it and then try to login to your old wp-admin. That being said, you need to update the nameserver to point back to the correct web hosting. This is useful when you’re trying to compare between your old working WordPress website to the new but not working wp site.

#5 The Theme I’m using stopped working

  • please expect that if you bought a license theme, the theme will immediately won’t work in your OLD hosting.

#6 Misspelled Database Name, username and incorrect database password

  • this a very straightforward item, however it’s worth check if you correctly type the correct database name, username, and password. Remember these are case sensitive.

Hopefully, after going through my checklist, you would be able to wake up from your migration nightmare and put an end. Don’t worry, the next time, its gonna be easy and peasy. It will not get any more difficult than these. 🙂

Happy Migration!

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